My clients are very important to me.  I have developed wonderful relationships with them over the years.  Here is what some of them have said to me:


I use Karen Westerman of KSW Consulting for those fast answers that get me just want I want right now..”

“Sometimes you know there’s a better way to set up an Excel spreadsheet or integrate Microsoft Office to make your work more productive and faster, but you just don’t know exactly how to take advantage of more complex formulas.  I use Karen Westerman of KSW Consulting for those fast answers that get me just want I want right now.  The better structured spreadsheet saves an immense amount of time, and Karen gets me just what I need for my situation, when I need it.

Finding common functions in an upgrade can be frustrating and a huge time waster.  When no one in our office can find the new name and location of a function that we all were once familiar with, a quick call to Karen gets the office past the crisis and productive work going again.  Karen is a great resource that has been there every time we have needed a better way or a fast answer.”

Linda Bailey, Pear Bureau Northwest


It has been so comforting to know that we have access to someone of Karen’s caliber

“Karen Westerman has worked on a contract basis with our School District for four years.  We have had a number of complex spreadsheet projects that we’ve asked her to work on.  We’ve been able to explain to her what we want from the data and she has simplified how we extract and review the data.  Her work ethic is outstanding.  She asks important and pertinent questions regarding the project so she has a solid understanding of the scope.  Karen always meets her deadlines and communicates regularly.

It has been so comforting to know that we have access to someone of Karen’s caliber especially now with the State of Oregon requiring so much data analysis.  I do not hesitate to recommend KSW Consulting for any spreadsheet driven project.  I value her expertise.”

Lori Wells,  Network Coordinator,  North Marion School District

“Everything we wanted and more.”

“We have a lot of expertise in using software in our company, but it’s different knowledge for different people.  We have used – and will continue to use – Karen as a deep source of information on how we can use our MS software more effectively, and bridge the gaps between what we know.  For me, as a business owner, it’s a very good investment to make in our staff.”

Marc Smiley, Partner, Decisions Decisions


“A special thanks to KSW Consulting for its assistance in improving our efficiency and organization. KSW has helped develop user-friendly Excel applications that are tailored to our needs.  Their communications are fluid and the finished product is professional.”

Michael Stewart, Regenesis


“Stellar, professional service.”

“Karen developed sophisticated Excel budget models for our multiple companies, bringing consistency and accuracy to our budgeting process.  Her work in creating this time-saving budgeting system saves us thousands of dollars annually.

In addition, whenever we need Excel tips or troubleshooting, she has been there for us.”  

Chuck Nedrow, CFO, Pamplin Communications Corporation


“Stellar, professional service.”

“Karen is exceptionally knowledgeable and great to work with. She provided me with the answers I needed in prompt and professional manner.”

Lou Jaffe, General Manager, Express Copy


“..awesome to work with and sincerely cares.”

 “Karen Westerman has been my development and fix it girl for 10 years as it applies to my Excel programs and needs.  She is efficient and timely and will remain my go to person as long as I am in business.

 She is awesome to work with and sincerely cares about her work and you as her client.  I highly recommend Karen.”

Ladd C. McGowan-Senior Business Analyst, NorWest Business Sales, Inc.


“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

“We had our production manager coming in at 4:30-5:00 AM each day to prepare our daily scheduling and sequence reports. After Karen built us a new Excel model, the work that used to take hours was reduced to minutes!  We’ve used the model for three years and recently had Karen expand the model to schedule out for an even longer period.  This has helped with efficiency tremendously. ” 

Jeff Knapp, Industrial Craters and Packers


“a treasured source of support”

“Karen has been a treasured source of support for us here at Solid Ground.  Not only does she always have the fix but she actually picks up the phone and we can get what we need in those emergency (at least to us!) moments. What a pleasure to have her cheerful voice give us the necessary time or a very clear indication of when she can get to it. She is absolutely an expert in her field of Excel and Word and believe me, that isn’t easy to find.

We would recommend her anytime to anyone.” 

Dori Rosenblum, Business Manager, Solid Ground Consulting


“truly the Excel Queen!”

I have known Karen Westerman for nearly 20 years now and engaged with her on three separate Excel projects. One was even just a figment of my imagination, -(I wonder if it’s possible to…”)-and all three were completed on time, on budget and still function exactly as intended years later. Whenever we (or other clients) have a need for Excel programming, there’s nowhere I’d ever turn besides KSW Consulting and Karen Westerman, truly the “Excel Queen”!

-Scott Hendison, SEO Automatic, Search Commander, Inc.