About Karen Westerman

I am Karen Westerman.  My company has been in business since 1993, primarily working in Microsoft Excel, Word and Quickbooks. My focus is on preparing spreadsheets or documents or systems customized for the customer.

Project work for various companies includes building Excel templates and troubleshooting spreadsheet problems. Spreadsheet templates include in-depth, sophisticated models for budgeting and forecasting, estimating, quoting, analyzing portfolios, companies and/or product performance. Spreadsheets are integrated and provide summary reports and customized output.

Spreadsheet models are of varying complexity, from simpler models that do basic calculations to fully-integrated, complex budgets and analyses. Some models are macro driven using Visual Basic. They contain pivot tables and charts, lookups, if-statements, and rely on many of the database functions built into Excel. The models are used for calculating monthly payments, preparing reports for management to make business decisions, analyzing the profitability of a product, business line or company and for budgeting and forecasting.

My experience includes teaching classes in Excel and Word. Class size and length vary. One-on-one tutoring is an option. All classes are customized, depending on the needs of the client.

I have set up several accounting systems, using Quickbooks. I have customized invoices, purchase orders and reports. Once the setup is complete, then staff are given some written, step-by-step instructions and receive one-on-one training.

My company is a certified Minority Business (OMWESB) # 2915.